Beko Free Standing Hobs -4

Brand : Beko
Product Type : Free Standing Hobs
Model No. : HIZG 64120 SX
Burner Type And Numbers : 4 Gas
Right Rear (kW) : 2
Right Front (kW) : 1
Left Rear (kW) : 2
Left Front (kW) : 2.9
Gas Safety : Yes
Easy and Quick Clean : Yes
Control Panel Type : Mechanyc in-sy Control
Body Type : Stainless Body
Button Type : BS2
Ignition Type : From Button Ignition
Dimension (W x D) : 58 x 51 cm
Manufacturing Warranty : 1 Year

Brand :Beko

₨ 23,990.00

Product Description

For added security, use gas cookers Beko, used automatic ignition system and the system przeciwwyp?ywowego gas. In the case of liquid or air blast, the flow of gas is automatically shut off. This is a standard BEKO products.

Additional Information