Black And Decker Coffee Maker (DCM25)- 330 W

Brand: Black & Decker
Model: DCM25
Type: Espresso Maker
Power: 330 Watt
Capacity: 1 Cup
Plastic Permanent Filter
Compact design
Ceramic cup
220-240 Volts
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Black And Decker
Color :

₨ 2,135.00

Product Description

The Black and Decker DCM 25 is a Drip Type coffee maker which you can use for brewing espresso. The DCM 25 makes for a perfect first espresso maker for anyone looking to upgrade from instant powders. The espresso maker is also extremely portable and is designed to occupy minimal space, allowing you to store it easily.
This machine permanent filter is crafted out of durable high grade stainless steel which can be removed for cleaning. It is fitted with a fully insulated water reservoir for splash-free operation and improved hygiene.
The DCM 25 is a single serving espresso maker that brews approximately 180 ml of espresso in a single shot. It has a no-frills brewing process which makes the DM 25 perfect for single individuals with limited living space to spare for appliances.
The Black and Decker 25 has a drip tray that can be easily detached from the main unit for quick and easy cleaning. It also has an illuminated On/Off switch that indicates the start/end of brewing cycles for added convenience and safety.

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