CG Flat Glass Door Chest Freezer CG-CF2803FG

Brand: CG
Clean Back
Gross Weight: 91 Kg
Product Dimension (mm): 1085*605*784
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :CG

₨ 49,876.00 ₨ 44,390.00

Product Description

A freezer is an appliance that provides backup storage to the standard combined refrigerator and freezer unit. The choice between an upright and a chest freezer depends on a few objective considerations, space availability, and personal preferences of the homeowner. The main reasons to consider buying freezer is to take advantage of sales and procure extra food to save it, to save time by shopping ahead and storing extra food, to free space in the traditional refrigerator unit, and to save energy costs as a dedicated freezer offers savings over the combined refrigerator and freezer unit. Other reasons are to freeze game from hunting outings, to freeze fruits and vegetables from the garden, and to cook and store meals ahead for the family

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91 Kg