CG Refrigerator Chest Freezer Hard Top 370 Ltr CG-DF3703HD

Brand: CG
Clean Back
Handle Yes
Clear Back Yes
Inside Body Layer Grey Aluminium
Defrost Scraper Plastic(1)
Lock & Key: Yes
Wheel: Yes
Gross Weight: 55 Kg
Product Dimension (mm): 1275*700*825
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :CG

₨ 61,234.00 ₨ 57,190.00

Product Description

Buying foods in bulk has always been considered a good way to save money, but storing all that excess food can be problematic. One appliance designed to address the problem of long-term storage of frozen foods is called a chest freezer. This is a free-standing kitchen appliance that features a significant amount of space for frozen food storage. Many homeowners consider purchasing a standalone freezer as an alternative to investing in a refrigerator with a larger freezer compartment. Bulkier food items can be stored there, leaving the refrigerator’s freezer section available for frozen dinners and other convenience foods.

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1 Pc


370 litre