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Generic Electric Barbeque (Mini Barbeque)

Brand: Generic
Model: HY9098
Power: 1000 watts
Type: Electric and Barbecue Grill
Use : Indoor & Outdoor use
Smokeless Health Grill
Non-stick coated cooking plates
Removable Parts for Easy Cleaning
Anti – rust for healthy cooking

Brand :Generic
Color :

₨ 2,393.00 ₨ 2,175.00

Product Description

This product is real smokeless electric grill. No emissions, in the restaurant or living room of the home can be rest assured that BBQ. The oil does not drip onto the heating tube. So it will not produce soot. The most important is its clever use of air physics principle. This product average consumption 1000 watt, can make the food is heated evenly and cooked quickly. Cooked to deeply.Food oozy grease will soon drop, because of no fried, fried oil in the process of repeated infiltration, there is no oil high temperature metamorphic harm, the barbecue food is really wonderful and delicious.
This product is fashion design, and become the new type of household electrical appliances, barbecue fete family, relatives and friends. Use this product daily to prepare barbecue breakfast, late night food, snacks, etc. This product is absolutely a energy saving, safe, efficient, healthy, harmless electric oven.

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