Haier Air Conditioner – 1 Ton

Brand: Haier
Type: Split-system
Capacity In Tons: 1 Ton
Modes: cooling / heating / dry / circulation / AUTO
Area: 75 m up to the
Capacity of the cooling mode: 6,8 kW / 23200 BTU / hr
Power heating mode: 7,2 kW / 24500 BTU / hr
Preonis Type : R410A
Internal block noise level: 50/46/42/33 dB (A)
Of the outdoor unit noise level: 56 dB (A)
Of the blocks of color: white
Warranty : 2 Years

Brand :Haier

₨ 107,090.00 ₨ 101,990.00

Product Description

You’re into streaming movies and keeping it chill. We’ve got your back on the chill part with our room air conditioners. Haier offers wall, window and portable AC units to fit your space and keep the temps right where you like them.
Our through-the-wall air conditioners let you chill out without disappointing your cat. (We know how important his window perch is, believe it.) We offer our fixed-chassis air conditioners with a variety of BTUs to keep your whole space—and Mr. Fluffypants—completely cool.

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