Hawkins Futura Flat Tawa (Griddles), (Hard Anodized)- 26 cm

Brand: Hawkins
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Inclusive Of: 1 Pc
Size: 26 cm Diameter
Thickness: 4.88 mm
Carton dimensions (WxDxH): 411 x 278 x 86 mm
Product weight in carton: 1.27 kg

Brand :Hawkins

₨ 2,420.00 ₨ 2,300.00

Product Description

Tawa are widely used to cook Roti (flatbreads), Phulka (puffed unleavened bread) and Paratha (layered unleavened bread) – all staple foods. We can also well cook cutlets, eggs, pancakes, French toasts, griddle cakes and the like in Tawa.The product is scratch-resistant, thereby allowing you to use metal ladles or spoons for stirring. The tawa is easy to maintain. Washing it after each use will keep it clean and shiny as new. You may use a mild dishwashing soap or a cleanser while washing. However, please ensure that the sudsy water must be rinsed off thoroughly after every wash. Since steel scrubbers often may end up leaving scratches on the surface, it is advisable to opt for the plastic or foam ones.

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