LG Convection Microwave Oven (MC-2883SMP) 28 Ltr

Brand: LG
Capacity: 28 Litre
Oven Cooking Mode: Convection
Colour: Silver
Wattage: 1950 Watts
Healthy and tasty cooking
Power convection
Stainless interior
Multi-functional cooking (4 in 1)
Child lock: yes
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :LG
Color :

₨ 34,567.00 ₨ 29,290.00

Product Description

LG MC2883SMP Convection microwave oven with Multi Cook Tawa to have a feast of your favourite recipes. … 28 Litres, 151 Auto Cook Menu, 101 Indian Auto Cook Menu, Pasteurised Milk, Rotisserie … That’s because the Diet Fry™ feature in LG Microwave Ovens lets you prepare these dishes with minimum use of oil. Conventional boiling strips milk of its nutrition and is a clumsy, time-consuming process. You have to keep checking to prevent spilling. But now you can get rid of all this hassle with LG Microwave Oven’s unique new technology – Pasteurized Milk. Just pour the milk in the lid-covered accessory, pick your settings and that’s it. No need to monitor the milk while it boils! You can store milk in the same accessory to prevent any contamination. Milk tastes fresh and is healthier because there is less protein denaturation & discolouration as compared to traditional boiling.

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