Milton Steel Spin Mop- 1 Pc

Material: Plastic and Steel, Color: Aquagreen, The major advantage of this mop is the Quality and Durability
Item Dimension: 480mm x 280mm x 280mm
Package Contents: set of 1 (1-Peice Mop and 1-Peice Spin Bucket)
Microfiber Cleaning Technology: Durable, Superior Water Absorbency, Non Abrasive Lint Free, Larger Surface Area, Environment Friendly
Usage Wet and Dry Floor, Easy to Use , Store and Carry, Oval Bucket with Drainage, Separate Cleaning and Wringing Operation
Extendable Mop Handle with 360 Degree Movement, Sturdy Steel Wringer
Bucket Handle: Easy to Lift the Bucket, Side Bucket Handle: To Slide the Bucket on Wheels
Cleans Liquid, Oil, Dust, Hair and Bacteria, Multipurpose Use
Made in India


₨ 4,375.00


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