Philips Compact Coffee Maker (HD7450/70)-0.6 L

Brand: Philips
Model: HD7450/70
Type: Compact Coffee Maker
Capacity: 0.6 L
Material: Plastic and Glass
Color: White
Power: 650 Watt
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Philips
Color :

₨ 4,195.00

Product Description

Easy-to-use and reliable coffee maker with a smart and compact design for easy storage.
The Philips HD7450/70 is a compact coffee machine with a sleek, ergonomic body that is designed to occupy minimal space. The coffee maker features a clean and simple interface and makes for an ideal appliance for those on the lookout for an uncomplicated espresso maker. The 0.6 liter water tank capacity of the Philips HD7450/70 translates to 4-6 cups of espresso.
The Philips HD7450/70 features a high funnel type filter that allows for even distribution of the coffee powder. This ensures optimal contact between the powder and water, thereby lending a full-bodied flavor and aroma to your coffee. The thermostat controlled hotplate in the Philips espresso machine can keep the decoction warm for extended periods. This is a useful feature for late afternoon lethargy where you desperately crave for an espresso, but too lazy to actually go brew a fresh cup.
The Drip stop feature in the Philips coffee maker is a useful inclusion; this allows you to interrupt the brewing process any time you like. Just pull out the Glass carafe and the machine will pause the brewing till you replace it in the initial position. It is however recommended that you do not interrupt the process midway as the coffee acquires full flavor only at the end of the brewing cycle.
The Philips HD7450 comes with several useful features that add to your convenience. All detachable parts of the Philips HD7450 espresso maker are dishwasher-safe. The Cord Control inclusion saves you from the hassle of dealing with tangled up wires. The espresso machine comes with a translucent water tank which allows you to keep a constant check on the water level.
Another highlight of the Philips HD7450 is the relatively short brew time of 8 minutes. It is a highly desired feature in a coffee maker as longer brew time tends to add a slight bitterness to your espresso. Filter-fine ground coffee powder works best with this Philips espresso machine as it allows the water to evenly coat the granules. Consistency is another huge deal-clincher for espresso makers, and this is where the Philips HD7450 truly excels. The coffee maker is crafted to give you that perfectly brewed caffeine ecstasy, every single time.

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Plastic And Glass


1 Pc


0.6 L