Philips – Meat Mincer HR2710/10

Brand: Philips
Color: White
Power: 450W
Blocked power:1600 Watt
weight: 5 kg
Minces meat in minutes

Brand :Philips

₨ 14,999.00

Product Description

A meat mincer is a kitchen appliance that is used to mince, chop and mix raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or other food items of the similar sort.Mincing and chopping food like meat and fish is a time and energy consuming task. Thanks to this new Philips mincer to make this chore easy and quick. Its stainless steel and sharp knife possess the capacity to mince up to 1.7 kgs merely in a span of a minute.its innovative 2 sided cleaning tool makes the process of cleaning the machine simple. All you have to do is rinse under the running water and all the clogged holes with meat and vegetable will be cleaned.450W nominal, 1600W blocked power for mincing quick and easy. Mincing capacity up to 1.7kgs in 1 minute. The full metal gear coupling is designed to withstand heavy duty mincing. Innovative 2 sided cleaning tool shortens cleaning time with 50%. After mincing, simply click the mincing screen onto the cleaning tool and rinse under running water. No more tedious cleaning of clogged screen holes! Now you can buy this product online in Nepal, exclusively from Hamro Kitchen.

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