Samsung Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (VC20CHNDC6B)-2000 W

Brand: Samsung
Color: Red
Power: 2000 W
Inclusive of: 1 Pc
Dust Capacity: 2 L
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Samsung
Color :

₨ 15,215.00 ₨ 14,490.00

Product Description

Empty the dust bag is easily and simply
collected dust and debris, including pet hair is removed easily and without problems. Just remove the dust bag, lift the lid and shake out the trash in the trash. Easily and without problems. Traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag in this procedure will wrap you dust cloud, and some will just waste on the floor or in a cleaner body.
High suction power for perfect cleaning the house
Rate cleaning efficiency thanks to the dual chamber “Twin Chamber System ™” technology of Samsung. In the inner chambers formed by the vortex air cleaner flows whereby all the fine dust particles are deposited in the outer chamber and removed from the air filter integrated in the camera is not clogged by dust and clots suction power remains constant, and the house – cleaner.
The dust collector is no longer relevant
Down with dust, dirt, pet hair and dust collection bags !. Conventional vacuum cleaners are not able to collect dust so as the vacuum cleaner without a dust bag, in addition, the bags should be changed to new ones after filling half their volume. This is inefficient and not economical. Using the vacuum cleaner without a dust bag you do not spend time looking for the bags in stores or over the Internet, finally, do not spend money on new bags. In general, the vacuum cleaner should clean your house and not to empty purse.

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2 L