Samsung Cannister Vacuum Cleaner (VC18M31A0HP)-1800 W

Brand: Samsung
Model No: VC18M31A0HP
Color: Red
Power: 1800 W
Dust Capacity: 2 L
Cord Length: 6 meters
Action Radius: 9 meters
Inclusive of: 1 Pc
Dimension: 272 x 234 x 407 mm
Weight: 7.8 kg
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Samsung

₨ 16,500.00 ₨ 15,490.00

Product Description

The dust collector accommodates up to 2 liters of dust and debris, so you can empty it less often. The dust bag has a large transparent cover, which makes it easy to control the level of filling.
The brush handle is equipped with convenient control buttons. You can quickly and easily turn on and off the vacuum cleaner, choose the optimum power without interrupting cleaning.

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2 Litres