Samsung Nofrost Double Door Refrigerator (RT37K3662SL/IG)- 318 L

Brand: Samsung
Type: Nofrost/ double door type
Minimum temperature: -28 degree Celsius
Auto turn off after 4 hours and restarts when it gets warmer
Power: 35 watts
Do not require stabilizer
Low noise level
10 years of manufacturer warranty

Brand :Samsung
Color :

₨ 62,990.00 ₨ 59,990.00

Product Description

Reaching into the fridge to grab a tub of yoghurt from the back often means navigating an obstacle course of items. Samsung’s Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges and pulls out so you can efficiently organiZe and easily access items – and readily see just what you have stored in the back. Convenient for the thirsty household, the Big Guard is deeper than shelves found in conventional refrigerators, allowing you to store big containers in the door, along with two rows of cans and bottles. Whether you have an abundance of meat or a lot of vegetables, you can store either at their optimum temperature in the Cool Select Zone. Two settings offer convenient flexibility: chill cold cuts, chicken thighs or cod fillets at 0ºC to preserve natural taste, or use 3ºC setting to maintain the freshness and crispness of fruit and vegetables.

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