Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator (20332)-445 L

Brand: Whirlpool
Model No: 20330 / WTM 552 RSS
Type: Double Door
Capacity (Litres): 445 Litres
Color: Black
Cooling Type: Frost-free
Shelf Material: Toughened Glass
Temperature Control: Yes
Sixth sense power cool technology: Yes
Egg Container: Yes
Ice Tray: Yes
Vegetable Tray: Yes
Anti-Bacterial Gasket: Yes
Gasket Type: Removable
6th sense active cool with UI
Freshonizer, deodorizer
Space management
Tower cooling
Quick chill bottle zone and can rack
Choco box
Beverage caddy, RC lamp, ice twister and collector
Warranty: 5 Years on compressor

Brand :Whirlpool
Color :

₨ 81,900.00 ₨ 78,000.00

Product Description

This Whirlpool refrigerator with huge 445 L capacity and an average, three-star energy efficiency rating has a special active cool technology working behind the scenes that helps to retain the freshness of different stored foods and other household items placed inside the fridge for longer durations. The frost-free, double-door refrigerator with a quick chill technology also has separate bottle and can zones for better space management of its interiors.
Makes use of innovative sixth sense active cool with UI technology: The Whirlpool Pro 465 Elite Double-door Refrigerator has active sensors with special features that automatically sense normal outdoor temperatures. This ability allows the fridge to adjust the entire cooling mechanism with the inner load of the fridge. By making a balance between the different temperature environments, the refrigerator intelligently settles for the most suitable temperature that would provide maximum lasting freshness to all the stored food items.
Freshonizer to get rid of oxidation: The special active sensors help to regulate the oxygen level in the refrigerator. It also reduces the oxidation level inside the fridge that helps in maintaining the freshness of the produce.
In-built deodorizer to provide added freshness: There is a built-in deodorizer that works round the clock to achieve freshness by absorbing foul odour and circulating fresh air.
Efficient space management: With special compartments for cans and bottles in the door along with a RC:FC ratio of 70:30, this refrigerator makes great use of the interiors by using as much space as possible for storing food and other items efficiently.

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Toughened Glass Shelves


1 Set


445 Litres