Whirlpool Refrigerator (NEO258H ROY (2S))- 245 ltrs( Double door)

Brand: Whirlpool
6TH SENSE Deep Freeze Technology
Anti-Bacterial Filters
Chilling Gel
Stabilizer Free Operation
Ice Twister & Collector
Easy Access Vegetable Crisper
10 year warranty

₨ 50,000.00 ₨ 47,050.00

Product Description

DeepFreeze™ Technology ensures minimum energy consumption* to reach the coldest temperature. It also features full circular air flow which keeps ice cream, the way it is supposed to be, crystal-free. A special anti-microbial additive, present in the material of vegetable crisper, fruit crisper, ice twister & collector, helps to kill up to 99.9%* microbes, thus providing lifelong protection against contamination. Integrated at the bottom of the freshflow air tower, the effective anti-odour action of Active Deo keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odour-free.
Antibacterial Filters ensure that the air inside is clean and fresh, keeping your food perfectly fresh.


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