Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator 260 IMFRESH PRM 3S-245L

Up to 7 Days of Garden Freshness*
The Whirlpool IceMagic™ Fresh refrigerator keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 7 days and preserve milk for up to 12 hours even during powercuts. Powered by MicroBlock™ Technology, these refrigerators prevent up to 99%* bacterial growth.
Number 1 in Ice-Making*
12 Hours of Milk Preservation Even During Power Cuts
12 Hours Cooling Retention Even During Powercuts*

₨ 41,500.00 ₨ 39,500.00

Product Description

IceMagic Fresh 245 L
4 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator without Pedestal (Inverter Compressor)
Gross Capacity (L) 245
Cyclopentane Insulation
Works Without Stabilizer
4 Star Rating
7 Day Garden Fresh*
MicroBlock™ Microblock in Vegetable and Fruit Crisper™
HoneyComb Crisper Cover With Honeycomb Moisture Lock Tray
Advanced Moisture Control with Advanced Moisture Control Knob
Insulated Capillary™ Cooling Technology Yes
Fastest in Ice Making*
Cooling Retention with Insulated Capillary Technology 12 Hours in the Entire Refrigerator


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