Whirlpool Triple Door Refrigerator FP 283D PROTN ROY (N) Alpha Steel – 260L

Brand: Whirlpool
Model No: FP 283D PROTN ROY (N) Alpha Steel
Type: Triple Door
Capacity (Litres): 260 Litres
Color: Silver
Defrost Type: Frost Free
Shelf Material: Toughened Glass
Temperature Control: Yes
Egg Container: Yes
Ice Tray: Yes
Vegetable Tray: Yes
Sixth Sense technology: Yes
Features: Deodorizing
Comes with 6th Sense revolutionary technology
Active fresh zone with micro block and moisture retention help in keeping food fresh
Tower cooling ensures uniform cooling across shelves
Air boosters ensure that each section gets required cooling
Freezer: Contains ice twister and collector
Dimensions (W x D x H): 559 x 687 x 1773 mm
Warranty: 5 Years on compressor

Brand :Whirlpool
Color :

₨ 59,000.00 ₨ 56,200.00

Product Description

This Whirlpool Triple Door Refrigerator FP 283D PROTN ROY (N) Alpha Steer has a fabulous design and a large 260 litres capacity to store your food without odor mixing. The Freshness Booster System of this fridge maintains the freshness of your vegetables for an extremely long period. Additionally, this fridge also comes with the 6th Sense Electronic Control for added comfort by giving you access to convenient features at just the touch of a button. It’s an energy efficient fridge that has an Eco and auto power mode
The revolutionary 6thSense Active Fresh Technology comprises of active fresh zone with moisture retention and the incredible micro block which keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.
The new Air Boosters system controls the circulation the cold air, so that each compartment receives the precise cooling it requires. This not only provides the most efficient cooling of each section but also prevents odor mixing between the three zones.
Zeolite Technology prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene emission from them. This reduces the sugar content of fruits and vegetables thereby ensuring up to 2X more freshness.
In ordinary refrigerators, the cold air comes directly in contact with fruits and vegetables and robs them of their intrinsic moisture. But in Protton world series refrigerator, the cold air flows around the compartment, keeping its contents cool while retaining their moisture and natural freshness.
A special anti-microbial additive, present in the material of the compartment itself, helps to kill up to 99.9% microbes, thus providing lifelong protection against contamination..
This triple door fridge uses the Air Booster System (ABS) that provides the ideal temperature in all three zones. It also has a large vegetable drawer, fruit crisper, ice twister, ice collector, a deodorizer and LED lighting. IT comes with toughened glass shleves and cosmetic organiser.

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Toughened Glass Shelves


601 x 717 x 1874 mm


1 Set


330 Litres