Yasuda Deep Freeze – 110Ltr YS-CF110HTA-H2O

Brand: Yasuda
Model no: YS-CF110HTA
Capacity: 110 litre
Hard-top deep freezers Fast Cooling
Tropical Compressor
Top open door with lock & key
Low noise and stable performance
Superb freezing efficiency
Dimension: 529 x 577 x 841(W x H x D)mm
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Yasuda

₨ 29,999.00 ₨ 25,709.00

Product Description

It’s easy to say just how easy Deep Freeze can make your life, but you’re probably asking how exactly it will do that. Check out this infographic to have all of your questions answered! See how it works and just how easy it is to set up. You’ll be in and out of mom’s place in no time.As the mist goes through the coils under the freezer compartment, it starts to evaporate and turn back into a gas. This evaporation process takes the heat from the freezer compartment with it and as the refrigerant starts to warm up, it is sent back to the compressor to start the process all over again.

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529 x 577 x 841(W x H x D)mm


1 Pc


110 litre