Youwe Electric Heaters (QH-2A)-1 Pc

Brand: Youwe
Inclusive of: 1 Pc
2 Heating Power: 400W/800W
Warranty: 1 Year

Brand :Youwe

₨ 1,380.00 ₨ 1,200.00

Product Description

Room heaters, also known as space heaters are used to warm up small spaces. They are portable and can be carried along wherever you want. Youwe brings to you the Quartz Electric Heater 400W/800W Room Heater, which is a radiative heater. It is a smart and compact room heater that works on Quartz tubes. Therefore, they are also called Quartz heater. If you’re looking for a smart and extremely affordable room heater, this efficient Room Heater is the one.

Additional Information