Zebra Vacuum Jug (Smart)-1.5 L

Brand: Zebra
Type: Smart Vacuum Jug
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1.5 Litres
Inclusive of: 1 Pc
Warranty: 1 year

Brand :Zebra
Color :

₨ 2,915.00 ₨ 2,715.00

Product Description

Zebra is the Thailand based company with more than 50 years in the cookware and cutlery business. The Zebra brand offers a wide selection of non-stick kitchenware, tableware, kitchen tools, food storage and food carriers, as well as pots and pans for all your cooking needs.
Enjoy hot or cold drinks at its ideal temperature for longer with the Zebra Vacuum Jug. It features a stainless steel body with a plastic handle and lid with a convenient pouring spout. This is the perfect jug for serving fresh hot drinks for longer periods of time. The vacuum sealed layers of the jug work to trap the hot or cold dispersions in the layer of air in between the insulated layers of the mug. This significantly slows down the cooling of warming of your drinks. Your drinks will take significantly longer to reach ambient temperature.

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Stainless steel


1 Pc


1.5 Litres