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Quality Assurance & Warranty

Quality Assurance


We, Hamrokitchen Team maintain a strong quality assurance system.  This system enables the company to offer products and services that please and impress our potential customers. We assure you, every product on our site is brand new, un-used and first hand available products. The company’s commitment to quality support its corporate growth, while at the same time winning customers’ trust and giving them peace of mind.




Terms and Conditions:


-HamroKitchen will repair or replace the Home Appliances which provides to be a manufacturing defect within a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Please Note: 1 year Warranty only apply with a proof of purchase.


-If required the cost of transporting the appliance to our premises shall be borne by the purchaser only.


-The warranty is not valid for the appliance which have been misused, met with an accident or not installed properly.


-The warranty is not valid for the appliances which have been repaired by any unauthorized person.


-The warranty does not cover any other accessories supplied to you with the appliance.


-The warranty only confines to first purchase of the appliance.


-HamroKitchen reserves the right to repair or replace parts.


-Any question/claims will be settled on mutual terms.


Each of the products is repaired at HK service centre. For further enquiries, refer to the page Contact Us.